Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Sometime back about 1975, we made a pastoral call on a young family in Manitoba. Among their homely Christmas decorations, was a lovely nativity creche with the many biblical characters reputed to have visited that humble stable. But added to the historical scene of eager shepherds and knowing kings, was a large crowd of Fisher Price People, carefully placed there by the children of this household, each straining to get a good view of the tiny manger babe.

We have never forgotten that revelatory scene that bore witness to the intersection between ourselves and the holy Christmas story. Each year through Advent expectations, White Gift Sundays and Christmas Eve Services, we seek again to internalize the Christmas story and the truth of God's incarnational love.

In Nashville, Tennessee, back on November 22nd, we came upon a giant nativity scene in the Gaylord Convention Centre. It was easy to slip into the midst of the characters and draw close to the tiny Christ Child. And once again it occurred to us just how important it is not only to grasp the truth of the Christmas story, but to become a real part of that same story.. running from the hills of our reality to seek the truth, singing loud carols of joy at God's intervention, bringing the gifts of our lives to offer in service of the Christ Child.

And so this is the 2007 Christmas challenge we wish to issue not only to ourselves but to you .. to run with determination in the quest for truth, to recognize God's action in history and in our lives, and to come with gratitude before God, offering whatever we have to serve the 'Good News' of God's love.

Tim and Peter and Elizabeth Moffat greet you in love across the many miles from Key West. Even here in this tropical paradise, the "Good News" permeates the gorgeous sunsets and the surreal temperatures. We greet you with prayers and blessings for a 'true' Christmas among us.

Love, The Moffats
(aboard the catamaran "Caribbean Spirit" after
snorkling seven miles off the Keys)