Saturday, December 8, 2007

Life's a Beach (updated)

Behold! .. Ocean City on the horizon...

We are approaching that spit of sand east of Maryland that has long protected her shores
from the assault of hurricanes, and has been home to Dotsy for 30+ years.

Like Brigadoon, we must enter across a bridge.

Here the piers and wharves stretch out long arms to receive gifts from the sea...

And yearning waves lap endlessly toward the land...

Human creatures are drawn to the brink of this meeting
to search for signs of their own unity with something bigger.. deeper.

Sunsets remind us of the passing of days, each one so holy.

And we in all our silliness are yet awed.

You are welcome in this place, even though the people are gone ...

And the board walk is empty ...

Winter, a time of peace from the high halcyon summer days
of beach umbrellas and hawkers' wares, the aroma of burgers from the Alaska Stand,
blinking arcades and boardwalk trollies...

And committed year 'round residents emerge again
and happily reclaim their home.

Dotsy hosted us at the Butcher's Ocean City Condo
on the sunny bayside.

It was a good place from which to launch our
5 day adventure (Nov. 5-10)

An evening reunion with long time friend, Dennis Roarty.

Time was. Time is. Time shall yet be.

We greet you from this place
where it would be easy to stay for the winter ...

but there are many adventures yet ahead.

We salute you, Dotsy, with praise! Thanks for such a great time.

And now ... on to Virginia, the cradle of the American story.