Monday, February 11, 2008

A Warning from Thumbelina

How do you like me in my 'Mardi Gras' outfit?

This message is for all the ‘old thumbs’ out there

like myself. If you think even in a pre-arthritic condition

that you are capable of keeping up with the ‘texting’

generation, think twice. Tendinitis, experienced by our friends in these parts

as hammer toe, garden knee, tennis elbow, carpel

tunnel, frozen shoulder, stiff neck or lockjaw, has now come to us stubby little metatarsals

in the repetitive work disorder known as ‘text thumb’.

Short of becoming an ibuprofen addict, I suggest that you

stay in touch with your children and grandchildren by picking

up a pen or a phone or emailing. If you must send text

messages, at least share the burden of this dangerous activity with your

non dominant partner on the other hand.

Otherwise, you may have to hear the mouth above you crying the blues

version of that favourite Hans Christian Anderson number …

Thumbelina, Thumbelina, tiny little thing,

Thumbelina throb,

Thumbelina sting,

O Thumbelina what’s the difference

If you’re very small..

When your stub is full of pain

You're nine feet tall!

Please beware. I might look good, but I feel terrible.

With love, Thumbelina