Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Things Growww .. In Ontario! (new editions)

Though off to explore the sights and sounds of North America, we were blown away by the incredible beauty that exists right here in our own province! Presqu’ile (almost an island) is a treasure to be enjoyed by all of you! We spent our second night here, bicycling out to the lighthouse on the point and soaking in the sun and surf. Pictures here also include scenes from our two nights at Sand Banks Provincial Park in quaint Prince Edward County. Lake Ontario provides the same exhilarating seashore experience as the Maritimes. And wherever we go, we are surrounded by senior heterosexual couples! It's an epidemic! We have definitely become members of a whole new culture.

Taken of us by a Quebecois family, our campsite neighbours

40 years ago, Peter visited the famous "Boldt Castle" on Heart Island in the 1000 Islands. It was derelict then, but since 1977 it has been under restoration. We spent a day in this place of 'story' and 'beauty', built by a devoted husband for a wife who died in the midst of its construction. You should all visit some day. Fabulous.

On the St. Lawerence Seaway, at Cardinal Ontario, once lived former members of St. Luke's United Church and friends, Marg and Chris Kempferr. Marj ran an eceletic store called "General Dollar". 'Could they still be here?', we wondered, knowing how often they have moved in the past. As we drove by the store, Peter saw a profile through the front window. "That's Marj," he exclaimed! And, it was. Here we are in a state of happy reunion. Later, at their home, where tankers pass by their front yard, we met Chris (just returning after a flight from Newfoundland). Thank you, guys, for a short but very sweet visit and all the good tips about making our way through Quebec!